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A question I find myself being asked above any and all others is, “how do I become a writer?”

I always answer this question with one of my own.

“What have you written?”

If the reply relates to any and all of the short stories, poems and other assorted bits and pieces they have produced then my answer is, happily, an easy one.

“You are already a writer. So what you are actually asking me is how do you become a published writer?”

Which is, of course, exactly what people really want to know.

It’s a very good question. And there is no easy answer. However, being in the wonderful position of being able to write for a living, I’m always happy to help in any way I possibly can in order to help anyone find their way in this most competitive of industries by passing on any hints, tips, suggestions or advice based on my own experiences as well as passing on a few names and organisations who might also be able to offer help and advice.

There is also a book that I strongly recommend any aspiring writer gets hold of as soon as possible. I won’t reveal the name of it here but, rest assured, if you contact me and ask me what the book in question is, I will happily tell you.

There is so much interest out there from people in general who’d like to do more with their writing. That might be purely for their own pleasure or with an ambition to eventually have a piece of their work published. With this demand in mind, together with the steady flow of enquiries of this nature I was getting, I decided, in 2017, to put together and run my own Creative Writing courses and one day workshops. These are specifically aimed at people who want to develop and enhance their own writing skills and expertise whilst, at the same time (and writing can often be a lonely existence) giving them the opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts and work through spending some time with like minded individuals and having the opportunity to meet, talk to and work alongside others who have the same hopes and goals in mind.

Writing Class at RSYC

Believe me, once a group of writers get together, the conversations and ideas raised are invariably lively in nature and very thought provoking. Which is great because, for me, any type of course or workshop that deals with creative writing needs to be as fully interactive as possible and about the participants rather than the tutor.

Therefore, whilst I always ‘lead from the front’ and lead classes and groups in the traditional sense, much of the time spent in each will be divided between group debate, preparing and writing short pieces of work for later discussion and exploring, as a group, the themes that I will be introducing over the duration of the course.

An eagerness to participate and contribute is therefore essential!

So, it’s over to you.

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

Perhaps you’ve always nurtured an ambition to be a writer but have never felt you had the ability, confidence or time to do something about it?

Well, now you have An opportunity to do something about it. My Creative Writing classes and workshops will give  you the opportunity to start to realise and develop your writing skills through informal yet informative and very hands on sessions that will be aimed at unleashing your creative juices, freeing up your imagination, boosting your confidence and helping you to get those once elusive words down on paper-and all whilst having fun in the process!

Amongst the topics we cover are-

  • Short Story Writing & Flash Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Ghostwriting & Autobiographies
  • Plays & Drama
  • Feature Writing & Blogging
  • Self Publishing

Everyone’s needs and goals are different and, for that reason, I will always target the course, the topics covered and the work done with the specific needs of that group in mind. So do feel free to have your own idea of what you would like a course to cover, content and time wise.

I’m also able to offer one to one sessions for individuals if required.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s make those words dance together!

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