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Life On The Inside-Peter Mendham’s Remarkable Story

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This book recounts, in his own words and with his infectious character prominent throughout, the footballing life and times of former Norwich City midfielder Peter Mendham.

We take a detailed look back at his playing career with Peter giving his viewpoint on some of the players he has played with and against, an honest and no-holds barred account of English football in the 1980’s, a decade characterised by falling gates, hooliganism off and on the pitch and little to no coverage of all but the biggest clubs and games in both the televised and print media.

It also deals with the case and aftermath of the incident that saw Peter arrested and later charged with the attempted murder of his then girlfriend at their home in Norwich, the subsequent court case leading to Peter being sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

It remains one of the more severe and high profile court cases and sentences taken against any ex-professional football in the country, one who had played at the very highest level at the game, winning medals in the process at Wembley for two clubs.

Peter now looks back at both the very good and the very bad times in his life and career, recounting tales of both his experiences in football and those endured as a man who has served time at Her Majesty’s pleasure, telling his story in a candid and occasionally blunt manner that will alternately delight, shock and surprise the reader.

Peter’s book and the story he has shared with everyone has been exceptionally well received by both the general reading public as well as several literary critics.

It wasn’t an easy story for him to tell and, to be extremely candid, he wouldn’t have been blamed by anyone for taking the easy step and choosing, at any stage of the process, not to bare his soul in the way that he has within these pages.

The courage and candour he has shown in doing so illustrates the strength of character that resides within.

You don’t have to be a football fan to get something from this book. It is life, red in tooth and claw and shared from the heart.

I may have written it. But that will never stop me recommending it as well.

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