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ED COUZENS-LAKE Making Words Dance

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I’m a writer. ‘Making Words Dance’ is what I  do.

Words are magical things that have the ability to provoke an vast range of emotions.

They can make you laugh.

They can make you cry.

Fly you to the giddiest of heights. Or ride with you to the pits of despair.

Here’s an example.  Just three words. A phrase that is, for many people, amongst the most unforgettable and powerful they will ever hear.

Three words. Eight letters.

I Love You.

Since when did just three strokes of a paintbrush across a blank canvas or three musical notes ever have the capability to wield a similar impact?

Magical. And proof, if it were ever needed, that Abracadabra, the Aramaic phrase that translates into ‘I will create as I speak’, isn’t the only magical word in the lexicon.

Because they all are.

Book signing

I’ve lived and worked in the company of words for most of my professional life. My passion for writing started at primary school and accompanied me right the way through Higher Education before, as I made my way into the business world, I made sure I was involved with all corporate strategies that involved the application of the creative word. Company brochures, web copy, promotional literature, sales and marketing materials, you name it. It was hard work with no little pressure. But I enjoyed it and thrived as did the businesses I was working for.

I made the decision to go freelance back in 2010-well over a decade ago now. I’d still be doing a lot of the work that I’d been undertaking but, in addition to all of that, I could broaden my scope and start to do a lot more things which included  writing books. I’ve written or edited twenty five books to date (June 2022) with several new titles to follow between now and the end of 2023.

You can find out more about all of the books I have written so far as well as seeing exclusive previews of all of my future projects on this website very soon.

I now primarily regard myself as an author and ghostwriter. But they are not, nor will they ever be, my lone passions and areas of expertise in writing.

As I will be able to show you.

Whatever your writing requirements are, feel free to get in touch and let me show how I can make words dance to your tune and deliver engaging and compelling copy for you and your business or organisation. By working with me, you will have direct access to the many years of experience and expertise I have in both the print and digital media as well as the publishing industry.

My promise to you is to build a working partnership that can not only be a long and successful one but also one that gives you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your life and business. You will then have the comfort of knowing that, as far as all of your written needs are concerned, everything is being expertly managed on your behalf.

And that you have words that are dancing.

Edward Couzens-Lake December 2023

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