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If you don’t have a regular blog on your website then you are missing out.

Not least on generating new leads and customers and, from that, potential sales.

That’s made you sit up and take notice, hasn’t it?

Let’s assume the basics. Your business has a website and a product or service to sell.

Every single person who visits your site is a potential customer. Which means that every single person who visits your site is a potential sale.

Imagine yourself in a shop. You’re having a look at the various items that are on sale there, moving from one item to the next. Sooner or later, a member of staff at that shop is going to ask if you need any help.

They’re not doing that out of any concern for your personal well being. They’re doing it because they want to sell you something. And, the moment you engage in conversation with them about what you are looking for and what you needs are, they are more than likely going to get that sale.

  • They’re making contact with you.
  • They’re identifying what your specific needs are.
  • They’re sharing their industry specific expertise with you.

Three things which your website needs to be doing with all of your online customers.

Making contact with them. Identifying what their needs are. And sharing your knowledge and expertise with them.

You can’t send someone around to talk to them about what you do. But you have next best thing.

You have a blog. Which does all of that for you; engaging with your customers and anticipating their needs.

And getting results.


So how does it work?

Let’s assume you’ve commissioned me to plan, write and submit one 500 word blog to you a month.

It’s unique to you and written with your business in mind.

As soon as you post that blog and it goes ‘live’, it’s one more indexed page on your website. That’s one more opportunity for your website to show up in all the search engines and to drive more traffic in the direction of your site.

Then there’s social media. Because every time you put up a new blog post on your website you’re also creating content that people can and will share on all of the social networks (eg) Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That means you are exposing your business to a completely new audience who, until they saw and clicked on a link that was shared by someone else, might not even have known you existed.

Blog content is also excellent at keeping your own social media presence going. Let’s say, for example, you’ve commissioned a weekly 500 word blog piece which has been running for six months. That’s a total of 24 archived and relevant promotional features about your business that you can access and promote via Twitter in less than a minute, a simple action that will, again, help drive that all important traffic to your website.

We’ve established then, why your business should have a regular blog.

Blogging Is Important

So what does a good blog article do?

One of the most important commercial advantages a blog will do for you is help to establish your business as a leader, an authority in your field of expertise.

The best blogs ask the questions your customers will be asking. And then answers them.

Blogs anticipate customers’ needs.

And if that customer feels that their need is being met by you then they are more likely to want to do business with you than with anyone else.

You’ve answered their questions. You’ve ticked their boxes. You’ve formed a relationship with them.

You’ve got credibility.

This not only means that potential customers are now going to visit your site time and time again but they’re also going to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Because they know that fresh and relevant content will be posted on your website on a regular basis that answers their questions and lets the customer have exactly what he and she is looking for.

It really works. Trust me. A regular blog is an essential sales and marketing tool for you and your business.

Isn’t it time you had one on your website?

If you’d like to learn more about blogging and the very obvious benefits it can bring you and your business then get in touch with me today.

Let’s talk. Let’s get you noticed.

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