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Getting In Touch-An Apology

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I’m going to hold my hands up and admit to my guilt.

I’ve been so busy this year with myriad books and my work in broadcasting that it means my website and regular blogs and features have been woefully neglected. Indeed, if you were one of my clients, you’d be more than used to me bending your ear with exhortations about how important is it to update their blogs regularly with new material.

Not something I have been too vigilant with myself.

I’ve also noted, with a mix of delight and horror that, in this time, I have been left 1,780 messages from visitors to this website.

Delighted that so many of you have been here and felt moved enough to say ‘hello’ -but horrified in that I have, on every occasion, neglected to respond. In my defence, I will say that the messages never got to me-they are supposed to be forwarded to my E Mail address for me to read and respond accordingly.

So, from now on, if you want to contact me about anything at all, please E Mail me directly at

I know some of it will be spam. And messages of that nature will be dealt with accordingly.

But I know some of the messages have been genuine and I can only apologise for not replying to you.

So come on, drop me a line. It’s be good to hear from you.

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